Watch out for scam locksmiths

In recent years the area has been blanketed by “phony locksmiths”. They advertise quick service and very low rates, but when they come out they don’t deliver and charge exorbitant rates. They are under investigation, beware or who you call, read the tips below to protect yourself. The following is a link to a local news story on Channel 7 about it. Click here for WHDH Report.

•When choosing a Locksmith make sure they are listed on the Massachusetts Locksmith Association website ( or The Associated Locksmiths of America (

•Beware of businesses that have multiple listings with very similar names and different addresses, chances are these addresses either don’t exist or belong to someone else.

•If the locksmith offers you a low rate and then doesn’t deliver on that rate, take down their license plate and contact the Mass Locksmiths Association with the information, they are working with local law enforcement on this matter.